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Our Goal

We consider providing desirable services and customer satisfaction at Fidar Pars. In this regard, we try to satisfy our customers by providing the highest quality printing and cutting services

Our Attitude

Fidar Pars Negarestan Company strives to improve the increasing quality of services and products to achieve the Company’s goals with the help of all its partners. Everyone in the group strives to achieve this goal, which will not be out of reach with the hope and full cooperation of the company.

About Us

Fidar Pars Negarestan Company (brand name: Fidar Pars) is active in printing and cutting services with an excellent presentation on food and non-food products in industries such as pharmaceutical, food, and health, and it has so far satisfied its customers. Providing cutting services in the wire and cable industries is another part of responsibilities in the company to customers, which has been achieved in the best way with extensive and round-the-clock efforts of the complex. What has led to the development and expansion of the activities in the company in recent years is the commitment to provide quality services to customers. Over the years, the company could gain the customers’ trust who have been working for many years. This achievement will guide the company, and adherence to it is the key to its success.