Wire and Cable Industries


Fidar Pars Negarestan Company is proud of its continuous activity with years of successful and brilliant experience in supplying raw materials for wire and cable industries, including raw foil, laminated foils with polyester, and mylar (polyester) in the form of masterrolled and taped in different thicknesses and sizes. The company has taken an important step towards eliminating the need for companies manufacturing wires and cables. We hope to satisfy all our esteemed customers by offering the best and highest quality products. Customer satisfaction and quality consistency are principles we are proud to adhere to.

Company services

  1. Providing a variety of laminated foils with simple and colored polyester in different thicknesses and sizes in the form of masterrolled (mother roll) and taped
  2. Presenting mylar (polyester) in different thicknesses and widths in the form of masterrolled and taped
  3. Providing cutting services on products delivered by the customer with the highest quality and the best packaging in the shortest time


Why Us?

Timely Delivery

Reasonable Price

High Quality

Doing works on the set time and delivering on due time

Providing services at the best price for the well-being of customers

Providing products with the best quality and from grade 1 raw materials