Pharmaceutical, Food, Health Industries


Fidar Pars Negarestan Company is proud of its continuous activity with years of successful and brilliant experience in supplying raw materials for pharmaceutical, food, and health packaging. The company has taken an important step towards eliminating the need for manufacturing companies in this field. The main goal of Fidar Pars Negarestan Company is accurate and practical planning using up-to-date knowledge. We hope to be able to satisfy all customers by offering the best and highest quality products.

Company Services


Providing printing and cutting services to pharmaceutical, food, and health companies according to the needs of companies with the best quality and up-to-date knowledge in the world and the use of new and modern machines

Printing on various types of pharmaceutical foils (blisters) in different thicknesses

Edible foils (polyethylene) in different thicknesses

Sanitary foils (multilayer foils) in different thicknesses


Fidar Pars Negarestan Company is now able to use the latest cutting machines for cutting services on products delivered by the customer with the highest quality and the best packaging in the shortest possible time.


Why US?

Timely Delivery

Reasonable Price

High Quality

Doing works on the set time and delivering on due time

Providing services at the best price for the well-being of customers

Providing products with the best quality and from grade 1 raw materials


Products That Can Be Ordered:

Blister foil (raw): Types of raw foils depending on their needs and orders are provided by Fidar Pars for those customers who need raw foil. All these foils are completely hygienic and stain-free and can be used in the packaging of edible and non-edible products with ease. The raw foils provided by Fidar Pars have excellent printing capability under international standards. These foils have the excellent sealing ability, which is entirely resistant to the penetration of water vapor, light, gas, ultraviolet rays, etc. These foils are non-toxic, have excellent corrosion resistance and chemicals, and fully comply with international standards. Ductility, foldability, and print with the best quality are other features of this foil type.